40 Impressive Photos Taken with Smartphones

40 Impressive Photos Taken with Smartphones via The Loop

Nousheen Aquil for Noupe writes:

Smartphones have become an important element of our daily life, more important than their predecessors, the good old traditional mobile phones, to be honest. Smartphones can do so much more. They are your camera, organizer, music player, audio- or video-recorder and even replace our PCs or laptops to some extent. In this collection, we are showcasing photographs that have been captured using different smartphones.

These pictures are not only impressive because they were taken with a smartphone, but also because most of them are creative shots or odd scenes. The smartphone has become a modern day point-and-shoot camera for a significant amount of people, and it’s hard to blame them when you consider that devices like the latest iPhone and Galaxy S III pack cameras with 8-megapixel sensors. Can you classify yourself as an on-the-go photographer with your iPhone or other smartphone?

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