Survey: American Kids Want Apple

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, demand for the latest Apple products has once again been sky high. The world is clambering to get their hands on the new iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and other Apple devices, perhaps no more so than American kids between ages six and twelve. That age group of children took part in a recent survey by Nielsen, our favorite research firm that always provides interesting statistics, in which they were asked to choose the products that they are most interested in buying these holidays and within the next six months.

The survey results are overwhelming geared towards Apple products, as the iPad topped the chart with 48 percent interest amongst the kids surveyed. While the Wii U took second place at 39 percent, the iPod touch, iPad mini and iPhone rounded off the top five with at least 33 percent of kids surveyed interested in each device. As someone that did not get a cell phone until entering high school, it’s interesting that children ages six to twelve showed this high interest in the iPhone at such a young age; however, perhaps it’s a sign that times are changing.

Other noteworthy products on the list include the Kinect for Xbox 360, which garnered interest from 31 percent of kids, and Android smartphones at 16 percent. Only six percent of kids expressed an interest in the Microsoft Surface tablet, while an even smaller 4 percent of the children appear to want the Apple TV. The results were quite different in the survey that involved American consumers aged 13 years and older, however, as Apple did not have such a dominant lead on the list of most-wanted electronics. 

While the iPad once again topped the chart with 21 percent interest among those surveyed, several other competing products were almost equally as popular. An increasing 18 percent of survey participants showed interest in a tablet other than the iPad, not including the Kindle Fire or Microsoft Surface with 10 percent and 3 percent interest respectively. Like with children, the Wii U was also a most-wanted device at 17 percent, with the iPhone trailing right behind at 14 percent. Both the iPad mini and Android smartphones received 11 percent interest from the survey participants.

The fourth quarter is always an interesting one because of the high number of consumer electronics that are sold during the holiday shopping season. It’ll be interesting to see how well Apple, which routinely has its best quarter during this time of year, performs alongside its competitors like Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Although not mentioned directly within this survey, consumers also appear to be highly interested in the latest Nexus 4 smartphone by Google, while the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II remain popular choices as the year comes to a close.


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