ZombiU iOS App Released

Many of us are jealous of the Wii U owners who get to play ZombiU this week, I know I am. The game has been met with overwhelmingly positive reviews and has been revered as one of the Wii U’s best launch titles, even among the ranks of Super Mario Bros. U and Batman: Arkham City. Unless you have a Wii U you won’t be playing ZombiU today, but if you want a taste of the action you’re in luck because Polygon is reporting that the ZombiU promotional app has been released on iOS. The app doesn’t actually integrate with the game, but it provides some fun features that I would say are worth the download.

According to the App store description, the app has two main components: “Infection Simulator” and “Emergency Messages.” I had a lot of fun with the infection simulator. The feature let’s you take a picture of your face and you can watch while it starts to look “infected.” The “Emergency Messages” feature involves taking a video of yourself and posting it on Facebook. I didn’t even bother. It’s clear though, because of the countless times the app tries to get you to share to your Facebook and Twitter feeds, that this is very much for promotional purposes — regardless of how cool making your face look like a zombie is.


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