Kolos Announces “World’s First” iPad Gaming Wheel

There’s a rather interesting iPad accessory floating around over on indiegogo – an alternative to Kickstarter that has gained traction in recent months – called the Kolos. Basically, it acts as a steering wheel for the iPad, similar to those that are available for gaming consoles. The wheel can actually be attached – using clamps – to the edge of a table, basically creating a cockpit of sorts with the iPad at the center. The wheel itself is detachable from the base, so it can be carried around for gaming on the go.

The Kolos supports the iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad 4, though support for the iPad mini and the original iPad isn’t there. Still, that’s a good amount of devices supported. The fundraising campaign starts with $50 to get an actual Kolos wheel sometime around May of 2013. It looks to be an interesting, if niche, product for those who are serious about gaming – particularly racing games – on their iPad.


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