Oprah Tweets Surface Endorsement from Her iPad

Oprah Winfrey, a name known around the world for her generous donations to charities, is not immune to a dose of hypocrisy. Many celebrities use their large Twitter follower base as a specialized ad platform, and will (in return for a certain amount of money, naturally) endorse a product in public. It seems that Microsoft has pursued this revenue with Oprah Winfrey’s Twitter account, as she has posted a glowing endorsement of Redmond’s Windows RT flagship. Microsoft’s corporate account immediately retweeted her.

Unfortunately, as many eagle-eyed users noticed, the tweet was sent from an iPad – the very tablet that Microsoft is attempting to de-throne.

Publicity stunts are fine, when executed in a smart manner. Microsoft, you should have just thrown in the extra couple thousand dollars to make here actually use the device before sending out an endorsement of it.


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