App Store Set to Break 1,000,000 Apps Today

The latest we heard from Apple is that the App Store now offers over 700,000 apps, but App Fire notes that the storefront is now approaching 1,000,000 apps and could pass that milestone as early as today. In fact, the latest App Store count shows just over 995,000 apps available on the platform. Apple debuted the App Store over four years ago alongside the release of the iPhone OS 2.0 software update for iPhone and iPod touch, and really didn’t know what to expect from the platform. In fact, Apple has noted that the App Store was a mere experiment.

Fast forwarding to present day, the App Store has become a vibrant ecosystem full of games and useful apps for health, science, technology and more. While there are certainly a fair share of fart apps and other junk on the App Store, it’s overall a well-rounded distribution platform that has such a wide variety of apps for nearly anything you can think of. iPad apps are used by numerous professionals, sometimes even in important settings such as the operating room. Even more interesting is the number of independent developers turned millionaires thanks to the App Store. As the App Store approaches 1 million apps, it truly deserves a round of applause. Hopefully the best is yet to come.

[Apps Fire via 9to5Mac]

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