Forum Spotlight: Make a Case for Your iPod touch 5G

With the recent release of the fifth-generation iPod touch, case manufacturers have been slow to get their products to market. This has left many new iPod touch owners with an unprotected device potentially prone to scratches, cracks, and dents. Presented with this issue, forum member An Outright Nihilist decided he would buy a couple iPhone 5 cases and hack them to be used with his iPod touch. He then continued to post this thread explaining the process so members of the iFans community can do the same if need be.

Essentially, An Outright Nihilist bought a slim iPhone 5 case and took a hack saw to it to leave just the back sliver that would sit between the iPod touch and his second iPhone 5 case. Allowing it to fit snugly, this “converter” fills the gap in thickness between the iPod touch and the iPhone, and lets you to use your iPod touch in any standard iPhone 5 case. Make sure to read the full thread in the comments below for a more detailed explanation on how this is done, and let us know how it works if you decide this hack is for you!

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