Link: Behind the Fall of Zynga, and How They Hope to Recover

Link: Behind the Fall of Zynga, and How They Hope to Recover

It’s easy to hate on Zynga, who has infamously produced games such as Words with Friends and Farmville, and then used them to push ads and relatively ridiculous in-app purchases in order to monetize their games. Zynga also ended up buying out various, popular games, though these ventures usually ended in failure (remember Draw Something?). However, all isn’t lost, at least not yet:

Mr. Campbell, a technology veteran who has coached Silicon Valley CEOs such as Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt, had been called in by Zynga investor and venture-capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers to advise Mr. Pincus as the social games company’s stock plunged and some of its online games lost traction. Some Kleiner Perkins partners warned Mr. Campbell that he might not make much progress.

But at the meeting, where the two men discussed Zynga’s management challenges, Mr. Pincus was open to advice. Mr. Pincus “was discouraged,” said Mr. Campbell, adding that the CEO was near tears. He “felt terrible about what was happening; he felt the turmoil.”

It seems that Zynga’s CEO does want to fix his company; if he can remains to be seen.

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