Apple and Flipboard Partner Together to Offer Books

Flipboard and Apple (yeah, Apple) have created a partnership to promote books on Flipboard’s app. Flipboard is increasingly promoting commerce on their app as an alternative to advertisements in creating a sustainable revenue flow, and this move is just the latest.

Through Flipboard’s new “Books” section, users can browse and discover, based on the likes and recommendations of their friends on various social networks, new titles to read:

This launch comes over a year after Flipboard CEO Mike McCue hinted that “you may be able to flip through a selection of books, movies and TV shows in your Flipboard app soon.” Now, we know at least one piece of that premonition is accurate.

It’s interesting to see Flipboard expand from just a glorified news reader to something more useful. As for the above prediction and with this recent expansion in functionality, it’s now more clear than ever that Flipboard wants to expand from being focused only on text to becoming a one-stop shop for media and entertainment of all kinds.

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