Survey Shows Apple Could Win Big with Windows 8

In the PC world, a new OS release from the boys in Redmond means that many users are looking to purchase a new computer. Historically, most upgraders have remained in Microsoft’s camp, and simply moved from Windows OS to Windows OS.

That seems like it’s going to remain the same, but a historically high number of users are taking a serious look in Apple’s direction. According to USA Today, “about one-third of Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP users who are ready to buy a new personal computer [said] they intend to switch to an Apple product” when responding to a poll conducted by Avast. 16% of responders said that they did plan to purchase a new computer, and 30% of that said that they were looking to Apple.  That number is insane: 1/3 of of upgraders in the PC market is a gigantic figure. Apple’s problem with their Mac business has been that most users don’t even consider Apple products, for whatever. That began to change with the iPod, and seems to quickly be deteriorating with the successes of the iPhone and iPad as consumers quickly become more and more aware of the Mac brand and its capabilities. It’s also possible that the iPad could see an influx of users who don’t really need a full computer, as their uses include light-weight activities such as web-browsing, email, and social networking.

It’s worth noting that this is only a survey; it isn’t going to pan out in real-world circumstances, but the message is clear: Apple’s fortunes seem as if they are only going to go up.

[USA Today]

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