HP: Microsoft Surface “No Competition” For Us

HP: Microsoft Surface “No Competition” For Us

HP’s Todd Bradley – the head of HP’s PC division – doesn’t believe that Microsoft’s Surface lineup is any competition for his company, arguing that the price and “slow and kludgey” performance keep people from using it.

“I’d hardly call Surface competition,” Bradley said in an interview with CITEworld. He listed several reasons, “One, very limited distribution. It tends to be slow and a little kludgey as you use it …. It’s expensive. Holistically, the press has made a bigger deal out of Surface than what the world has chosen to believe.”

Someone should tell him it just got an update. And someone should also point to how well the iPad has sold, regardless of its price.

HP is quickly falling. From the disastrous reign of Leo Apotheker, who single-handedly destroyed webOS and what remained of Palm, to the rising competition from Lenovo, Asus, and Acer, HP is in a tough spot. Their computers aren’t the best, and they aren’t the cheapest. They have almost no profit margins, and they have executives who deny the only bright spot in the computing industry: tablets.

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