Ballmer: Android is ‘Wild’ and ‘Uncontrolled,’ iOS is ‘High-Priced’ and ‘Highly Controlled’

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was on hand for an interview with LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman last night, talking about Microsoft and its competitors. When asked about Apple and Google, namely iPhone and Android, Ballmer had some choice words to share about the two platforms. Obviously trying to promote the Windows Phone platform over iOS and Android, TechCrunch notes that Ballmer thinks Android is “wild” and “uncontrolled,” while referring to iOS as “high-priced” and “highly controlled.” Ballmer remains optimistic about Microsoft’s chance to position itself within the competitive market:

He truly believes that Microsoft can wedge itself between the two to be successful with diversity and organization. As Ballmer describes Windows 8, Surface and Phone, he says that the products have been done right and the company is working very closely with developers, unlike his counterparts at Apple and Google. Sure, Ballmer has said these types of things before, but he’s losing his mind tonight in only the way he can.

While it is unlikely that Windows Phone could ever overtake Android or iOS in the mobile space, perhaps Microsoft can position the platform as a legitimate third-place competitor. More competition in the smartphone industry would only lead to further innovation, which is always a positive for consumers. Plus, everyone likes to have more choices. But, as the report adds, perhaps Ballmer is being overly enthusiastic and trying too hard when its comes to promoting Microsoft’s latest products, namely the Surface, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Then again, that’s classic Ballmer.


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