Samsung Won’t Settle With Apple

Last weekend, Apple announced that it has dismissed all existing lawsuits and patent infringement claims with Taiwanese handset maker HTC. The companies have reached a 1o-year licensing agreement, in which it is believed that HTC is paying Apple a specified price — perhaps $8 — per smartphone.

Samsung has since responded, with a top executive at the South Korean corporation claiming that the Galaxy S III maker has no plans to settle with Apple in a similar manner. Apple and Samsung remain embroiled in litigation across ten different countries, including cases in the United States and Germany.

“We have no such intention,” J.K. Shin, the head of Samsung Electronics’ mobile unit, told reporters on Wednesday when asked if Samsung would seek a similar settlement.

The legal battle between Apple and Samsung started almost two years ago, when the former accused the latter of copying the look and feel of its iPhone and iPad. Since then, numerous different patent infringement claims have been filed in various courts around the world as part of back-and-forth lawsuits.

Perhaps it is good that Samsung is not admitting defeat to Apple, despite losing a $1 billion settlement to the Cupertino-based corporation in August. Samsung is still appealing that case, but it’s overall legal battle with the world’s most valuable company has propelled Samsung to become the world’s top smartphone vendor by volume. Ultimately, things are looking good for Samsung.

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