Android and Samsung Remain at Top of Smartphone Industry

 The latest numbers from Gartner are in for the third quarter in the mobile space, with Android and Samsung continue to leading the way as the top mobile operating system and handset maker respectively. Android was the platform of choice for a staggering 72.4 percent of worldwide mobile device sales in the third quarter, while the iPhone only accounted for a much smaller 13.9 percent of the market share. BlackBerry maker Research in Motion secured a third place finish with a 5.3 percent stake, while Bada and Symbian rounded out the top five with 3 percent and 2.6 percent marks respectively.

For worldwide mobile device sales by vendor, Samsung took the crown with just under 98 million units sold; however, that number accounts for both regular mobile phones and smartphones. Regardless, that high volume was good enough for the South Korean corporation to capture a leading 22.9 percent share of the market. Nokia followed suit with 82 million units shipped in the third quarter, accounting for 19.2 percent of the market. Apple took home bronze with 23.5 million iPhone units sold, good enough for a 5.5 percent stake.

For Apple in particular, the launch of its new iPhone 5 in late September hampered its overall sales during the third quarter. Many consumers understand that Apple routinely introduces a new iPhone model annually, as the Cupertino-based company confirmed itself in a recent keynote, and that more than likely contributed to reduced iPhone 4S sales during the three month period. It’s also important to note that Microsoft has made marginal gains through its handset partners Nokia and HTC, but sales during the holiday shopping season should show if Windows Phone is actually a legitimate competitor.

[Gartner via TechCrunch]

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