BlackBerry 10 Devices Should Be Available in Early 2013

There has been a fair amount of doubt surrounding the launch of BlackBerry 10, with some critics suggesting that the release may not actually happen, although Research in Motion is confident that everything will go as planned. According to RIM Chief Operating Officer Kristian Tear, BlackBerry 10 devices will be 100 percent ready for the January 30th launch next year, with the release of those devices falling “not too long after” that.

“We’re working hard right now to make sure all the bits and pieces and all the details are in place for the date, when the devices will be available for consumers and enterprises,” Tear told Reuters.

RIM pioneered the smartphone industry with its BlackBerry devices several years ago, although it has since lost its edge in the mobile space to Apple and Google. Apple revolutionized the smartphone industry with the release of the original iPhone over five years ago, followed by a preview of the open source Android platform later in 2007. Since that point, RIM has experienced a slow but steady drop in market share, declining profits and cutbacks on over five thousand jobs.

BlackBerry 10 could be the saving grace for RIM, or it could be a final failed attempt at regaining its position amongst strengthening competition. At this point, it appears that Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 8 platform has a better chance of becoming a legitimate third-place competitor alongside the iPhone and Android smartphones rather than BlackBerry. It has been suggested that BlackBerry 10 will be dead-on-arrival, but we’ll just have to wait until early next year to find out.


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