Apple Store Once Again Tops Charts For Most Sales Per Square Footage

If you want to see the highest amount of sales happening within the smallest amount of space, a visit to your local Apple Store will suffice. The Apple Store has once again ranked first on Retail Sails’ list of the top ten American retail chains in terms of sales per square foot at $6,050, double the $3,017 mark set by runner-up premier jeweller Tiffany.

It turned out to be a genius move for Apple to open up its brick-and-mortar retail locations over a decade ago, guiding the Cupertino corporation to become the world’s most valuable company as it continues to sell millions of Macs, iPhones, iPads and iPods. Needham’s Charlie Wolf explains:

“Apple’s 2000 decision to open Apple-owned retail stores was motivated by the Macintosh’s largely invisible presence in the U.S. retail channel,” Wolf wrote in 2010. “The Mac’s nominal market share did not warrant the allocation of significant sales resources on the part of resellers. And in a PC-centric world, the Mac was shortchanged even where it was sold. Apple’s only recourse was to open company-owned stores, where the Mac held center stage…

“What Windows visitors quickly realized is that Mac owners received professional post- sale support thrown in for free—a virtually non-existent resource in the Windows world. Chris Anderson in his book, Free, highlighted the Genius Bar as an example of Apple’ strategy of integrating a free service into the price of Macs. In the Apple Stores, Apple is building its image as the most service-oriented company in the computer and consumer electronics industries.”

[Fortune Tech]

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