App Store Fraud, Round Two?

Five days after the App Store was ‘compromised‘ the first time, it seems to be happening again.

Developers WiiShii have many different travel apps for the iPhone and iPad platforms. All of these apps start with  GYOYO and, as you can see, three of them have made it into the top 100. While alone this isn’t enough proof, Ars Technica has a received a report from a Harper Reed, stating that they  bought “34 of WiiSHii Network’s apps without his permission, for a total of $168.89.” Possibly adding more credit to this reader’s statements is the picture of a receipt showing both English and Chinese versions of the same apps, all related to travel in China.

iTunes receipt

Although Apple insists the earlier App Store hacking was merely a rogue developing hacking into accounts and buying his apps, Reed (who has plenty of experience with e-commerce) believes something far more serious is at play.  As he told Ars Technica, “he is convinced there is a more serious security problem that Apple isn’t sharing.” He also states that his password is a string of random alphanumeric characters — definitely not easy to hack.

So, like before, you are encouraged to check your purchase history, and possibly change your password and remove your credit card from iTunes when not needed, as Reed states that Apple is suggesting those with compromised accounts file a fraud complaint with their current credit card company or bank. An easy fix? No.

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