Application Review: Angry Birds: Star Wars

Angry Birds has really hit a life of its own. It has far extended out of the original iOS game. It has T-shirt lines, toy lines; it’s even sold as Halloween costumes now. New installments for Angry Birds seems to be a dime a dozen nowadays. Recently Rovio announced that they would take Angry Birds and give it a Star Wars twist. As the game remains the same, the powers switch up. 


The game remains the same. The objective mission requires the player to sling Angry Bird Luke Skywalker into various areas to destroy the evil piggies. On the way, Luke gets the help from characters Hans Solo and Obi Wan Kenobi, in their bird form of course.

Destroy those pigs, yes, Star Wars hates those pesky pigs as much as the Birds originally did.

Just like the original, there are many obstacles to overcome in Angry Birds: Star Wars. Distance and aim becomes the main one, but quickly becomes trivial. The birds must blast in between laser shots (this is Star Wars after all) as well as permeate the various materials used by the pigs. Reflective Glass can be taken advantage of as well.

This is Star Wars, so Luke and his buddies still need to avoid the red lasers.

Angry Birds wouldn’t be Angry Birds without the specialty birds. Well, Star Wars brings all the character’s special abilities to add a twist to the game. Luke can destroy things with a swipe of his light saber while Obi Wan can use the force and Hans goes to fire back with his own gun. This truly is Angry Birds with a Star Wars theme.

Each character has his or her own power related to their actual powers in Star Wars.

The simplistic controls have always been a selling point for Revio’s Angry Birds. This control scheme is still no different. You can drag around the map to look around, pinch in and out to zoom. The basic controls; I do wish that the screen wouldn’t snap to look at either the birds or the pig’s fortress (it’s hard to view both). You then drag the bird back to fire and attack. While mid-flight, assuming they haven’t been hit by laser, you can tap the screen to activate their special abilities.

Controls are dead simple.

The gameplay remains the same gameplay given in the original Angry Birds really. Not much has changed, you drag the bird and use their abilities to your advantage. You avoid the obstacles and destroy the pigs. There’s just a Star Wars wrapper on the game now.

Gameplay: ★★★★½


Angry Birds has always had the fun little graphics. The pigs just sitting there in their intimidating houses of wood, metal. In the distance, structures and a beautiful sunset can be seen. Everything is designed with a nice sense of artificial depth. Shattering glass and facial expressions are always fun to look at.

The graphics in the game are just fun and entertaining.

Cut scenes are not animated, but do have noises associated with them. A little quick snapshot of what’s happening allows users to follow the story. Many of them are humorous and really work well to give some nice comedic relief between levels.

Cut scenes are humorously rendered.

Graphics: ★★★★★


With the few bits added into the cut scenes, the audio becomes a huge part to be able to hear what’s happening. Not much audio is shown during these scenes. However, the gameplay itself is filled with fun sound effects. Lasers are shot, light sabers shred through metal, the pigs snorting at you, and even TNT boxes explode (I honestly don’t remember TNT in Star Wars!). The audio is fun and ties in the gameplay and graphics nicely. Besides that, the BGM goes with a Star Wars theme (why wouldn’t it) that fades gently into the background.

Audio: ★★★★★


Angry Birds does offer some gameplay after you beat the main game. The first is the star system used. Many players are already familiar with this system, you get awarded stars for each level depending on how well you score. Going back and getting higher scores can become a large part of the game; it keeps the players playing since it unlocks new levels. Attaining triple stars per level can become quite the challenge and keep players frustrated or busy for hours.

Want some more levels, sure thing, get the stars!

Replay: ★★★★★


Coming in at just under a buck, Angry Birds gives users 2 main planets to head to by default: Tatooine and the Death Star (unlocked in game). The game teases that Hoth will become available for free in a future update. Like other Angry Birds, I’m sure other planets and levels will be added in the future through free updates.

Luke visits many different landscapes during his time.

Users can also play through the Path of the Jedi, but for a small cost. Like any current Apple app, there are in-app purchases for this game. The extended gameplay becomes one of these purchases one must make.

Go the path of the Jedi, one wants to. An in-app purchase, one must buy.

Overall though, it’s just a few bucks. And if you like these types of games, it will definitely be worth the dough you cough up. For a buck, you do get quite a bit of entertainment.

Value: ★★★★★

Final Thoughts

Rovio did a nice job to incorporate Star Wars into Angry Birds. Really though, this game remains a theme for Angry Birds. Every bird gets a Star Wars costume, but their powers resemble that of their character counterparts. Using the force to destroy those pesky pigs has never been so fun.

Overall Score

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