Review: Slayer Pinball Rocks HD

Slayer Pinball by Game Prom is an intense pinball game for the iPad and iPhone, featuring music from World Painted Blood and voiceovers from Slayer. Now, I have never been a fan of heavy metal or bright lights, but for the purpose of this review, I’m going to focus on the gameplay and not the theme. For those interested in a tamer pinball experience, Game Prom offers many other options that share the game’s well-made engine.

The graphics are good, but there is a little too much red, which can make it hard to perceive depth in the game, making everything look like it is part of the background. When the camera zooms it, it offers a better perspective to see what’s-what.

The game’s physics are very realistic, and will appease all but the most anal of pinball fans. The ball goes where you would expect it to, and like any pinball game, there are tons of different combos and stages you can activate. I’m not nearly good enough at pinball to activate these on purpose, but rest assured pinball savants, they are there.

To me, pinball has always been an extremely chaotic and random string of events, where the ball bounces around on bumpers and through hidden tunnels to eventually earn me millions of points with just a single pull of the plunger. Slayer Pinball makes things slightly saner with its “Smart Cam” system, which zooms in on the ball so you can see what exactly is happening. This is extremely helpful for people new to the game like me.

If I went to an arcade, the last thing I would do is play pinball. The satanic theme and frightening music of Slayer Pinball does not appeal to me either, but I’m sure that Game Prom is aiming at a niche market that is out there somewhere. But if you are part of this audience, then this game would be perfect. The gameplay is great, the music is top-notch, and the iPad is ideal for pinball.


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