Nokia Lumia 920: $450, No-Commitment from AT&T

It’s a fairly well-known fact that Microsoft’s strategy with Windows Phone is to get high-end devices in to the hands of consumers for a not-so-premium price. This seems to hold true when the devices are bought unsubsidized as well, with AT&T offering the brand-new, unreleased Lumia 920 for only $450. Compared to well over $600 for similarly-specced devices like the Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 5, the Lumia might be one of the least-expensive unsubsidized devices available in the US. While unsubsidized prices are nothing new around the world, the US is typically dominated by carriers and their pricing schemes that lock customers in to contracts. Now both Microsoft and Google have low-priced, unsubsidized devices available to the public.

If you’re interested, you can purchase the Lumia 920 here. It will be released this coming Friday, November 9th.

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