Analyst: BlackBerry 10 Devices Will be DOA, Unlikely to Gain Traction

RIM, a very troubled company, is struggling to release its BlackBerry 10 OS, which has already been postponed once. The company, once the leader in smartphones, is also unlikely to be met with success when (and if) the OS ships. An analyst for Pacific Crest has publicly stated that they “believe BB10 is likely to be DOA.” This comes after skepticism by most about RIM’s ability to bounce back, at least in the US, after such a string of defeats. With their last “flagship” device being two years old, and running an OS that was designed well before the iPhone was launched, RIM is in a very dire position.

On the exact opposite side, a few investing firms have upgraded their outlook on RIM, stating that the company has demonstrated that they are now better equipped to attract customers to their platforms than they were when the PlayBook was launched, and before when their updated smartphones were released. Of course, the investors are still not overly optimistic for RIM’s chances, though it does represent at least a portion of people who believe in RIM’s ability to rebound.


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