It’s ‘All Downhill From Here’ For Apple

It’s ‘All Downhill From Here’ For Apple via BGR

Former Apple employee Dan Crow writes for The Guardian:

Why do I think Apple has passed its peak? There are a number of signs. The most visible recent one is the Maps debacle. Replacing Google Maps with an obviously inferior experience shows how much Apple has changed. Apple’s success had been all about offering users the best possible experience; suddenly it is willing to give users a clearly worse experience to further its corporate interests – in this case its long-running dispute with Google. We might expect this sort of behaviour from Microsoft, but we don’t expect it from Apple.

Now, Apple has taken missteps before. Even under Jobs the company has launched failed products: in 2000 the Cube didn’t set the world on fire; Apple’s early forays into cloud services were embarrassing; iMovie 08 was a mistake. No company is perfect, but what’s interesting is all of these were attempts to build better products and services for users, even if they failed. That’s not what happened with Maps: Apple deliberately offered an inferior product, because its fight over Android was deemed more important than its users.

The whole article is a very interesting read and is also highly opinionated. Do you agree or disagree with Dan?

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