Pixar Honors Steve Jobs, Names Main Studio After the Late Visionary

Pixar, Steve’s other company which was bought by Disney a few years ago, is honoring their former head by naming their main studio after him. In a photo uploaded by an employee of Pixar on Twitter, the words “The Steve Jobs Building” are clearly discernible. The building is supposed to be the main studio on Pixar’s campus, which is a few years old. The building, which Jobs apparently had a large role in helping to create, was recently renamed after the late Jobs. Jobs, while not a movie producer, director, or writer by trade, helped to guide Pixar and its visionary film creators after he purchased the company from George Lucas.

Pixar was at the forefront of computer-animated projects, and Jobs had the foresight to allow the company to continue running as it was, with the eventual goal of releasing a feature film. The feature film became known as Toy Story, and the rest is history. Jobs’ hand in designing the Pixar campus was to bring together the various elements involved in creating films, knowing that increased “unexpected” collaboration would only help to make the movies an even greater experience.


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