Opinion: People Need to Stop Predicting Apple’s Demise

Ever since the passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs towards the end of last year, I have noticed a growing number of people that have been pouncing on any negative situation that Apple encounters and blowing it way out of proportion. In other words, these individuals firmly believe that one mishap, such as the lackluster new Maps app in iOS 6 or ousting of Scott Forstall, is going to lead Apple to falter into mediocrity.

“This might be the turning point” is the most common phrase I hear whenever Apple receives bad press. What these people fail to remember, however, is that Apple takes so few missteps — there’s a reason they’re the world’s most valuable company — that when they make a mistake, it’s overly critiqued and analyzed.

For those that continue to believe Apple will falter, let me provide you with my own list of things that I believe would have to happen for the Cupertino-based corporation to decline in the foreseeable future. And even if some of these things happen, Apple might still be able to manage.

1. Jonathan Ive would have to leave Apple. Ive is a creative genius that has led design teams behind the iPod, iPhone, iPad and almost every other Apple product used on a daily basis. The monochromatic, clean design of Apple products has become the trend across the entire technological landscape. Competitors are taking direct design cues from Apple products. We’re talking about you, Samsung.

2. Apple would have to do something that truly frustrates its massive cult of followers. Yes, fanboys. And I’m not talking about Apple releasing a fourth-generation iPad just six months after the third-generation iPad. Motorola isn’t even releasing the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update for some of its smartphones that it has sold in the past six to eight months, so you talk about who is being fair. No, Apple would have to pull an unforeseen move that truly aggravates it massive community of followers. The people that line up in front of Apple Stores to get the latest product. The people that are almost religiously devoted to Apple. The people that follow every move that Apple makes.

3. Apple would have to stop innovating. The company just launched a number of exciting products from the razor-thin iMac and iPhone 5 to the colorful fifth-generation iPod touch and iPad mini. All of these products are integrated flawlessly with the software they run, providing an excellent user experience. Apple is so meticulous about its design that it had to apologize for launching its new Maps app when it was probably not ready for the public. Apple products continue to sell by the millions, to the point that nobody is surprised when Tim Cook and company announce those sales numbers. It’s just expected.

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