32 GB Surface RT Actually Has Approximately 16 GB of Usable Space

Windows – it isn’t known for being slim. That fact is most apparent on the Surface RT, which runs – you guessed it – Windows RT, where the 32 GB model actually only has 16 GB of usable space.

That 16 GB of space used by the OS and device is eaten up by a plethora of services and bits of software. First, once formatted the 32 GB becomes 28 GB. Then, Windows RT eats up the rest. A large portion of the space is likely taken up by Microsoft Office, which comes pre-installed on the device and is one of the devices key features.

This information likely won’t act as a detractor from the device for many, though it does put the price in context. Microsoft was congratulated for shipping the 32 GB Surface at $499 – the price for a 16 GB iPad. With this information now known and even advertised by Microsoft so as not to confuse┬ácustomers, it does give a great reason as to why there is no 16 GB, low-end Surface: there simply can’t be.

So while Windows RT may well be the most capable tablet OS available today, it’s also the heaviest, showing its heritage as a full desktop OS.


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