Apple Considering Move Away From Intel Chips

Apple’s new “Technologies” group, headed by Bob Mansfield, is actively looking for a way to move out from under Intel’s processor monopoly. This move likely won’t take place for some time (sources are pegging it at more than two years), though it is believed that the move will eventually be made – potentially coinciding with a Mac OS 11 release.

The relationship between Apple and Intel has always been somewhat tense, with problems such as Apple refusing to ship “Intel Inside” stickers on their Macs making headlines. However, more recent problems include Apple’s displeasure with the relatively weak integrated GPU shipping with the current crop of Intel processor. This underpowered chip causes laggy scrolling on the new retina-Macs.

ARM is implied to be the alternative that Mansfield’s team is looking at, which would make sense. Apple has continuously built up their fabrication and design prowess by shipping state-of-the-art SoCs in their mobile products. However, shipping a computer based entirely off of ARM wouldn’t be as groundbreaking, or unheard of, as many might think: Windows (specifically RT) powers many smaller, ultra-book style computers which are powered by ARM designs.


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