What Do You Think of Android After Five Years?

Happy birthday, Android. You’re officially five years old. Yep, back on November 5th, 2007, the Open Handset Alliance introduced Android to the world. The open source platform was shown off less than six months following the launch of the original iPhone, and has since become the world’s most popular mobile operating system.

In fact, Pocket-Lint reports that Android has a dominant 75 percent share of the market. Android is allowed to be used by all handset makers and carriers, contributing to its widespread adoption, and consumers have proven that they love Android smartphones like the Galaxy S III and Google Nexus.

Android first launched on the T-Mobile G1 and has since evolved into Android 4.2, which builds upon the Jelly Bean update. There are 136 million smartphones out of 181.1 millionĀ in the world that are running Android, far exceeding the iPhone and all other competing platforms.

It’s hard to believe that Android has come this far in just five years, especially when considering that Nokia and RIM — the BlackBerry, in particular — had such a tight grip on the mobile industry at the time. It has since become a two-horse race between iOS and Android in the mobile space, with Windows Phone emerging as a potential third competitor. What do you think of Android, five years later?


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