Siri’s Functionality Expands in iOS 6.1 Developer Builds, Can Now Purchase Movie Tickets

Starting with iOS 6.1, Siri will be able to purchase movie tickets, reports 9to5mac. This expanded functionality builds upon the foundation put in place in iOS 6 with regards to movie information. This new service is powered by Fandango, a popular ticket-purchasing website and will be exclusive to US users, likely due to licensing and agreements, at least initially.

It is somewhat strange that this upgrade is happening in a .x update to the OS – historically (read: while Forstall was in charge), services such as Siri only saw  major, user-facing updates during a major, x.0 update. The optimistic view of this is that this is the first sign of Apple’s new attitude of incremental, constant upgrades, instead of trying to save up and accumulate various upgrades in order to make a large splash at their developer events.

The other way of seeing this is that Apple simply ran out of time, and had to ship iOS 6 without this feature enabled, for whatever reason. Regardless, it’s nice to see something change in an update to iOS immediately after a major, x.0 update.


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