Microsoft “Ran Out of Time” on Windows Phone 8 Notification System


Windows Phone 8 and its predecessor are renown for their consistency across the UI. While performance is somewhat lacking in various third-party apps, the interface is persistent across applications of all types.

This consistency is broken in a very odd place: notifications. While both Android and iOS feature a notification system based around a pull-down pane that contains updates and important information from across the OS, Windows Phone 8 has nothing of the sort. Windows Phone does have notifications, but there is no centralized, easily-accessible place to view and act on such events.

According to The Verge, that seems likely to change:

“Because we ran out of time,” admitted Fennel, after being questioned on the lack of notification center by an audience member. “It’s very very important to me… we get tons of feedback from developers that they want something like that as well. I promise we’re thinking very very hard on that one.”

This statement came out of Microsoft’s annual Build conference, happening today. It was also noted that LiveTiles do offer a similar functionality, but that not all applications take advantage of them. It’s an odd omission, and is certainly one of the most obvious indicators of Windows Phone 8′s immaturity as a smartphone platform. However, Microsoft seems to be on a roll regarding updates lately, so this issue will likely be irrelevant after the next major update to the OS.

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