iPad Mini Torn Down, Reveals iPad Parts

The iPad mini has been lovingly torn down by the brilliant gentlemen over at iFixIt. Snark aside, the teardown does reveal at least a few interesting tidbits worth noting. First up, Phil Schiller wasn’t lying when he said that the iPad mini had stereo speakers – the teardown reveals that much:

The iPad Mini has not one, but two speaker grilles to pump out mini beats. Don’t let the iPhone 5′s dual grilles fool you; the Mini is the first handheld iDevice to house stereo speakers.

The teardown also reveals that the A5 chip used in the mini is the newer 32nm model, which offers improved battery and performance over what was originally announced and shipped in the iPad 2. This chip is still manufactured by Samsung, and so is the display driver – both interesting, given Apple’s continuously strained relationship with the Korean conglomerate.


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