Touchline: Made for the iPad, by the iPad

We’ve reached the singularity.

Or maybe not. But regardless, Touchline, a new game for the iPad, is an impressive feat. Developed by James Frost of Bristol, England, Touchline was created using Codea, another iPad app which acts as a development environment. The game itself is fairly simple, though well-executed. The design is very minimalist, and the aesthetic is overall an interesting aspect to the game.

As nice a game as it is, it’s clear that this app’s greatest claim to fame is how it was created. Many people see the iPad as a media consumption device – in other words, it can’t “create” content. Numerous personalities have disproved this notion, though it still persists. Mark off “developing” as something the iPad can now do – albeit in a fairly limited way. The ability to develop a program for a device on┬áthat device is also considered to be a watershed event in a computer’s lifespan. Touchline isn’t the first program to be written on an iPad, certainly, but it does look to be one of the first games worth purchasing.

Touchline is available for $0.99 on the App Store, and can be run on any iPad running iOS 5.0 or later.

[Touchline - App Store]

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