Bob Mansfield’s Decision to Stay on Board With Apple Related to Scott Forstall’s Departure

Back in June, it was announced that Apple senior executive Bob Mansfield would be retiring after thirteen years with the Cupertino-based company. At the time, Mansfield served as Apple’s Senior VP of Hardware Engineering.

Just a few days ago, however, Apple officially confirmed that Mansfield would stay on board with Apple in his new role as Senior VP of Technologies. This newly created position involves overseeing all wireless and semiconductor teams.

A new report has surfaced on AllThingsD that provides some insight into why Mansfield decided not to enter retirement. According to the report, the departure of iOS head Scott Forstall apparently had some influence in Mansfield’s decision to stay on board with Apple.

To begin, Mansfield was not a fan of Forstall’s confrontational management style, and sources said he generally tried to avoid the iOS exec. Indeed, Bloomberg reported last year that Mansfield would meet with Forstall only if Cook was present to mediate. I’ve heard many similar stories.

“It wasn’t a him-or-me situation,” one source said of Mansfield’s return and Forstall’s ouster. “But, put it this way, I think Bob was much more willing to commit to two more years once he knew Scott was on his way out.”

Mansfield will remain with Apple for at least an additional two year term, primarily working behind the scenes. The executive does not often appear in public on behalf of Apple asides from occasional spots in promotional videos for new products.


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