I Couldn’t Live Without Google

Google. The massive search engine turned broader Internet services company that started in a Menlo Park, California garage over fourteen years ago. Google has since evolved to become a multinational, multibillion dollar company that receives traffic of over 1 billion monthly unique visitors and offers a plethora of products and services from AdSense and Android to Maps and YouTube.

One thing that struck me this morning is the significant — and increasing – role that Google plays in my day-to-day usage of the Internet. The first thing I do in the morning, after having a shower, is check my email. I’ve used Gmail as my email provider since ditching Microsoft’s god-awful Hotmail service around six years ago. Then, on most days, I will check the dozens of RSS feeds that I have listed in Google Reader.

To stay organized with our sponsorship program that we recently lanched on iFans — look at the sidebar to the right – I am constantly using shared Google spreadsheets and calendars. That’s already four Google services that I use on a daily basis, but the list goes on from there. At some point throughout the day, I will likely land myself on YouTube to watch the latest video uploaded by my subscriptions. Yes, I’m a big Philip DeFranco fan. Google-services-that-I-use count: five.

Without getting into too much detail, there are a number of other Google services that I use. I frequently use Google Maps, even after its departure from iOS, along with Google Drive, Images, Books and Translate. On top of that, I am using all of these services with Google Chrome, my preferential browser since I finally stopped being stubborn and switched from Mozilla Firefox. Overall, that’s about a dozen Google services that I use.

Ultimately, the main message that I am trying to convey is that Google, in just fourteen short years, has went from being a garage startup to the centerpiece of the Internet. It might not have an outstanding social network to compete with Facebook and Twitter — Google+ is far from it — but it does everything else right. And that’s saying a lot coming from a huge Apple fan.

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