Judge Demands That Apple Pull Inaccurate Samsung Apology From UK Website

You may recall that Apple was forced to post a notice on its United Kingdom website, stating that Samsung did not infringe upon any of its patents based on a ruling in a British court. Apple eventually complied with the request, after an unsuccessful appeal, although the Cupertino-based company put a spin on the apology and made Samsung products sound unfavorable. In particular, they quoted the judge saying that Samsung’s Galaxy tablets are “not as cool.”

Apple has now been ordered by the U.K. Court of Appeal in London to remove this inaccurate apology from its website and replace it with a proper statement within the next 24 hours, according to Bloomberg. Apple was appalled that they were given such short notice to update the notice, but were denied the opportunity to have a full 14 days to make the change. Likewise, the court was shocked that Apple could not follow through with such a simple request.

The court’s initial order to post a notice was designed to correct the impression that the South Korean company was copying Apple’s product. Apple’s post, criticized by judges today, inserted four paragraphs including excerpts of the original “cool” ruling and details of similar German lawsuits that the court today said weren’t true.“I’m at a loss that a company such as Apple would do this,” Judge Robin Jacob said today. “That is a plain breach of the order.”

The new statement should appear live on Apple’s United Kingdom website later today if the company adheres to the 24 hours deadline.


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