Twitter to Build an Official App for Windows 8

While the Mac app remains a bygone program of a more elegant era – an era that was pushed by Loren Brichter – Twitter has announced plans to release a new, Metro-styled app for Windows 8 and RT. Twitter announced plans to do this via their Twitter Mobile account:

#Windows8 needs a great Twitter app. So we’re building it. Looking forward to sharing it with you in the months ahead.

It is interesting, given that the OS X client has all but been officially deprecated. And while Mountain Lion does include official, system-wide integration of the short-messaging system, Twitter really is best viewed through a client. However, it seems as if the app isn’t a particularly high-priority project, given the time schedule. A matter of months is somewhat surprising: the tools to develop for Windows 8 have been available for literally a year. It’s possible that Microsoft decided to pay Twitter to build an official client, though it isn’t necessary in my opinion. Windows 8 already has several decent clients, although the longevity of such programs is in doubt due to Twitter’s attitude towards developers utilizing the official API to make clients.


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