LTE iPad Mini Seeing a Small Shipping Delay

While the WiFi-only iPad mini is coming out in two days, the LTE version will be delayed until “late” November. That’s potentially a slight delay, as Apple previously stated that the LTE mini would be shipping on November 23rd.

Apple is typically very good about pushing out new products, though the wireless versions of the iPad have seen a slight delay as compared to the WiFi-only versions in the past. However, this change casts a cloud of uncertainty on the LTE version, as it’s unclear whether this means that the chipset is causing the delay, or whether Apple is simply trying to meet demand of the WiFi model.

Interestingly, Apple didn’t give reviewers the LTE models to test, as noted by John Gruber in his review of the tablet. It’s possible that Apple could be having some sort of problem with this model, either in yield rates or in battery life.


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