Will Apple’s Executive Shakeup Make iOS Fresh Again?

There has been a respectable amount of criticism lately surrounding iOS and how it has had generally the same look and feel since the original iPhone launched over five years ago. While I do have my counterarguments for that belief, one being that Apple is sticking with a platform that works for both itself and consumers, I can understand where others are coming from when you look at the numerous different user interface and design choices that are available with competing platforms like Android and Windows Phone.

Yesterday afternoon, however, Apple announced a major executive shakeup within its Cupertino-based headquarters, announcing that Senior VP of iOS Scott Forstall would be leaving Apple by the end of the year and will serve as an advisor to Tim Cook up until that time. To replace Forstall, Apple has given Craig Federighi the title of Senior VP of Software Engineering, which includes the development of iOS, and given Jonathan Ive the responsibility of providing leadership and direction for human interface software teams.

Nowhere am I suggesting that Scott Forstall did a poor job when he reigned over iOS, claimed to be the “world’s most advanced mobile operating system,” although a shakeup within Apple might reinvigorate iOS in future releases. Apple does face more competition now than ever before, with the success of Android devices such as Samsung’s Galaxy S III and the upcoming Windows Phone 8 lineup breathing down its neck. If Apple is able to make iOS fresh again for those that find it boring, without jeopardizing the user experience, the iPhone will continue to thwart off its competition.

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