Sparkling Maps Sneaks Into App Store, Offers Full Google Maps Experience and Turn-by-Turn Navigations

I’m not sure how this app managed to get approved under Apple’s strict App Store submission guidelines, however developer Proxy Systems Pvt Ltd has informed us that its new third-party mapping app called Sparkling Maps has surfaced on the App Store for 99 cents and offers almost the entire Google Maps experience that iPhone users have been lacking since the iOS 6 software update.

Sparkling Maps provides complete Google Maps mapping data, including map, satellite and hybrid views. Additionally, the app has street view, can pinpoint your current location and provides a search tool for nearby amenities, including restaurants, gas stations, hospitals and parking. But most importantly, the app offers turn-by-turn directions using your current GPS location as the starting point, which is interesting since the official Google Maps version never offered such a feature.

If you’ve been missing the Google Maps experience on your iPhone or iPod touch, perhaps Sparkling Maps will serve as a good alternative for you. Google is said to be working on releasing its own Google Maps app on the App Store, but that day might not ever come. But before you go and purchase this app for 99 cents, keep in mind that it has a number of bugs and performance issues that simply cannot be overlooked. Plus, Apple might pull it at any moment.

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