Circa News Sets the Bar for Competitors

I’ve long searched for the type of app that makes reading the news – news as in, general headlines for the day – a pleasant experience on a phone. Most apps simply reformat articles for a smaller, thinner screen. So while the news is easier to read, the articles are simply reformatted for mobile, and completely unglanceable.

Circa News eschews this concept – instead of taking long-form articles and simply reformatting them, Circa is based on smaller excerpts which serve to convey the overall meaning of a story without the lengthy details and explanation. Circa offers multiple excerpts, which does actually allow for the full story to be conveyed, albeit in a much shorter way. There are also options to read the full story on the source’s website, and to share the story with various social networks. Circa also allows users to “pin” their favorite stories, creating a hub of sorts which is constantly updated with news.

Frankly, the design is brilliant, and the execution is fantastic. This app has earned a place on my homescreen, finally having filled a need I’ve seen since the App Store was launched.

[iTunes, Cir.Ca]

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