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BitMonster | 752.6 M | $ 4.99

With the unleashing of the Unreal Engine for iOS, we’ve seen many games come out. From the sword fighting, to the shooters, to even more sword fighting. Then we have the other game, the half mystery where you walk around aimlessly finding clues to a story. Lili, takes that story, but adds actual gameplay to it.  Read on for the full review.


The story begins with the protagonist landing on the island of Geos looking for flowers for her school project. Thought to be deserted, she steps foot on the island only to run into a large masked being who calls himself the mayor. Upon entering the island, she finds life thriving making wooden friends who want to be freed from the tyranny of the Mayor (who is a spirit) and his spirits.

The idea is simple, jump on them and grab their rare flowers.

Your job is to collect flowers, on the way however, you decide to help out the oppressed wooden inhabitants of Geos by jumping on the back of the spirits and plucking their flowers right off of them. As time goes by, these flower-picking sprees become tougher and longer-winded as these spirits begin deploying thorns and bombs to get you off their back.

As the game goes on, the spirits get much tougher to beat.

As you progress through the game, you are sent to different areas of Geos, unlocking doors, and doing the little odd jobs that will eventually free the wooden friends of Geos from the ungodly spirits. Each map unlocks a new world to explore.

There are many areas to explore on the island of Geos.

Also, as you progress, you train with the trainer. With each mission you do, you go through a small training session. Each of these sessions allows you to increase your running speed, your gripping ability, or Lili’s stealth. Additional items can also be purchased in game to upgrade these as well.

Lili didn’t just come with amazing speed, she had to train for it.

Controls are very simple. You tap to walk or stop moving (if you’re moving). Double tapping will begin Lili off on a short run. Swiping the screen allows Lili to run in different directions and view different areas of the map. Everything else is basically a menu item. The controls are dead simple.

Tap, double tap, swipe, that’s all there is to it.

Gameplay: ★★★★★


Bitmonster put the Unreal Engine to good use for Lili. The game runs smooth on the new 5th generation Touch, which also will run in wide-screen. The graphics are crisp and detailed extremely well. The colors are bright and vibrant with great smoothness behind them. Lighting effects are nicely executed as well. The entire game has more of a cartoon feel to it, but the graphics are still top notch.

The graphics in this game are just gorgeous.

Graphics: ★★★★★


Audio detailing is very abundant in this game. Dings, foot steps, and even birds chirping are replayed in a beautiful manner. Background music stays just where it belongs, in the background. The characters’ voices are restricted down to the simplest ‘hi’. I do wish that the game could expand on this a little more; it’d give a much better sense of quality if it did.

Audio: ★★★★½


After your adventures on the island of Geos, there is still much to explore. Locked doors tend to hold the contents of a treasure chest. Each chest containing some artifact that could help Lili in her studies; it’s why she came in the first place. Meeting all of the wooden townspeople and making new friends also plays as replay. I do wish there was a bit more though. Better hiding places for treasure chests, secret rooms, that sort of thing.

Treasure is hidden throughout the island. It may not help you grip the Spirit better, but is fun to find while exploring.

Replay: ★★★★½


Lili costs 5 dollars on the App store. For the price, I would be expecting to get a game where everything can be unlocked in game without the need to do an in app purchase. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Many outfits that Lili can wear, as well as a couple of items require an additional in-app purchase of a dollar. I find this to be a complete rip off since the game is already purchased for 1 dollar. Outside that, however, the gameplay and graphics are well worth the money.

When you shop, many items can be purchased using coins gained in-game. Some require an in-app purchase.

Value: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

Upon starting the game, the graphics greatly impressed me. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the gameplay that much, but I actually did. The game itself serves as a good time killer, and the story does interest the player to the point where they will want to know what happens. I never thought I’d have this much fun picking flowers.

Overall Score


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