Samsung Airs Provocative TV Ad For Galaxy S III

Samsung has released a new TV advertisement for its flagship Galaxy S III that, like several other of its ads, promotes the handset’s S Beam feature. S Beam uses NFC technology to enable two Samsung devices to share videos and other files by tapping them against each other momentarily. However, this latest advertisement in particular is quite different than the rest. In fact, it’s quite provocative.

The ad starts out with a man saying goodbye to his wife and two young daughters as he gets into a taxi. The daughters stop their father before he leaves and tell him that they made a video that they would like him to watch on the airplane. The wife then adds that she has her own video that she would like to share with her husband, although she suggests that he not watch it on the airplane and raises an eyebrow at the same time. Sex sells, after all. Video is after the break. 


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