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Affogato LLC brings us a true gem in their strategy game “Strategery. Strategery gives you a taste of world domination in your pocket, without all the downsides that come along with well, dominating the world. An absolute essential as far as fast-paced turn-by-turn games go in the AppStore, this one is definitely worth checking out. Read on for the full review.

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Released: Jan 26, 2009
Seller: Affogato LLC
© 2009 Affogato LLC
Version: 2.0.1 1.
8 MB

Overview: Strategery is, believe it or not, a strategy game, that’s been in the AppStore for a relatively long time. The app follows a turn by turn system of which your final goal is ‘world domination’. It’s closest relative would have to be the online flash game dice wars. If you’ve never played the latter, Strategery is essentially a stripped-down version of the board game Risk.

First Look: Strategery is, with lack of a better word, a very cool looking app. Fortunately enough, the gameplay follows suit. The game is extremely easy to learn how to play; tutorials are included, but not necessary. The game has plenty of difficulty levels ranging from easy to brutal. Now, for the few users who had the app in it’s 1.x stages, I can honestly say the 2.0 update completely changed the app, everything that you could imagine to be updated, was.

Here are some screenshots:

How To

A quick flick through of the tutorial (via my iPod)

Gameplay: The gameplay in Strategery is very addictive yet still very simple. The game is very easy to learn how to play even if you’re not into the genre at all, any user can play Strategery. With the plethora of game modes and settings you can almost can almost change every aspect of the game to suit you, however the goal remains; make every territory blue. The gameplay of Strategery has one major downfall, however this downfall could end up resulting in the game’s big break. The app completely fails in utilizing the great technologies in the iPod Touch. A multiplayer mode would be absolutely great on Strategery however all the game offers is pass-and-play, which is good, but not the same as it would be if there were local play or worldwide support.

Here are some more scrnshts:


A full game at the 'small' map size

Graphics and Audio: Strategery’s graphics are very well put together, especially in a market that almost seems to be dominated be poorly designed apps. The graphics may not be perfect, but they come about as close as necessary. As for the audio, the app provides you with about everything you’d expect to hear from an app of it’s type. Fortunately it lets you continue to listen you your music while playing. You do have the option of turning on or off the ‘clicky’ sounds as you play and make your moves however they are not invasive at all. Finally, upon winning (or losing) you hear a victory horn (or well, not a victory horn). Updates in the audio of the game are promised, but are far from necessary.

Some more scrnshts:


Attacking a neighboring territory

Everything Else: Strategery is a pretty much the ideal time-waster. The app has no stability issues and the waiting time before you play is very limited. However, there are a few small bugs but I’m sure the developer is aware of them and is working it out. Finally, with a price point of $1.99, Strategery sits right about where it should price-wise. All-in-all Strategery is definitely a hidden gem in the AppStore.

Ratings: (out of five)
Gameplay [rating:4.0/5] (4) – gameplay is fun and simple
Graphics [rating:4.0/5] (4) – the graphics are all together very good
Audio [rating:3.0/5] (3) – very well put together, but nothing special
Replay Value [rating:3.5/5] (3.5) – it’s a great pick-up-and-play app that’s pretty hard to get tired of
Value for your Money [rating:3.0/5] (3) – for the price, the game is a decent deal, but nothing spectacular

Overall [rating:overall/5] – Strategery is a great game that I’d recommend to almost anyone

Final Satement & Links: If you’ve ever enjoyed turn-by-turn strategy type games this is a must have. Fortunately, a lite version is available for anyone to give it a try, which I highly recommend.

Official Page: Strategery Game

Apptim’s Developer page: Affogato LLC

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