Windows 8, Windows RT, and Microsoft’s Surface Are Here

Windows 8, Windows RT, and the Surface tablet are all here and all three major brands in Microsoft’s latest mass product launch are aimed squarely at the throat of Apple and Google’s recent successes. At the center of this knock-down, drag-out fight is the iPad – and Microsoft’s Windows RT and Surface are targeting specific weaknesses of the former.

It’s hard to tell how these products will be received. Some believe it will be a flop, comparable to Windows Vista. Still others believe that Windows 8 will be a slow success, taking time to catch on, building traction as more apps are added and more devices are shipped with the new OS. And still more believe that this is┬áthe definitive computing OS, a beautiful combination of simplicity (Metro), and power (the traditional desktop).

As for me? Well, I just know that competition is good, and that the Surface looks to be a pretty sweet piece of hardware. Time will tell whether this ultimate gamble pays off, and how effective it is in throwing a wrench in the Apple machine, or in tripping up Google’s Android juggernaut. Until that time, good luck Microsoft.

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