Low Touchscreen Yields Supposedly Contributing to Higher iPad Mini Price


The iPad mini is going to be shipping for at least $329, which is more than a hundred dollars more than the competition from Amazon and Google. Previous rumors suggested that Apple was aiming for a $249 price point for an 8GB iPad mini – obviously, they’ve missed that mark.

While Tim Cook has stated that they simply think the iPad mini is worth the premium price, Digitimes is reporting that it is in fact touchscreen yield issues which has driven the price up. This could actually be a logical explanation, though it will be difficult to prove. Apple is moving to a next-generation touch sensor in new devices: new parts do typically experience some growing pains, as the manufacturing process is shortened and duplicated to meet demand. The only real way to tell whether or not this is the case will be the ship times for the new iPad mini. If the iPad mini experiences drastic shortages and high wait times, then this could very well be at least a factor pushing the price higher.


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