Tim Cook: Apple Would Never Make a 7-Inch Tablet, iPad Mini in a “Different League”

Following days of speculation regarding Apple’s positioning of the recently-announced iPad mini, CEO Tim Cook has added some clarity to how the Cupertino company sees their smaller iPad.

In particular, comments made by the late Steve Jobs about the first Galaxy Tab (which featured a 7-inch display running Android 2.2) have been used against Apple, trying to make them out to be hypocrites. Jobs stated that such a screen size was useless, and that it could never be used to create a decent product. Then Amazon made the Kindle Fire, and Google created the Nexus 7.

Tim Cook clarified the company’s position today, stating:

Comments Steve made before about 7-inch tablets… We would not make one of the 7-inch tablets. We don’t think they’re good products, and we would never make one. I’m not sure if you saw our keynote… the difference in just the real estate size—in the 7.9, almost 8. When you look at the usable area… it’s 60- to- 70 percent higher… The iPad mini has the same number of pixels as iPad 2… You have access to all 275,000 apps… iPad mini is not a comprised product like the 7-inch tablets… it’s in a whole different league

Most striking, in my opinion, is the last sentence – it gives the answer to the higher price of Apple’s tablet, as well as the noticeably better construction as compared to competing products.

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