Tim Cook on Microsoft’s Surface: A “Fairly Compromised and Confusing Product”

Tim Cook took today’s conference call as an opportunity to share some of his thoughts and feelings about Apple’s competition in the tablet space. Obviously biased, the CEO of Apple felt that Microsoft’s Surface – scheduled to be released tomorrow alongside Windows 8 and countless other tablets, laptops, and desktops – represents a “compromised, confusing product.” Cook believes that the Surface (and likely Windows 8 in general) is a result of Microsoft’s failure to make the hardest decision of cutting features and capabilities in order to focus on the core concept of the product.

It’s a very Apple-like line to have, but I do find some sense in what he says. Windows 8 is┬áconfusing – particularly to the less tech-savvy majority. This is the exact group that Apple tries to cater to with iOS, and so far they have succeeded.

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