Apple Quarterly Results: Busting Records, Disappointing Wall Street

Apple today posted their Q4 financial results and – as usual – they’re stupendous. In fact, they break the record for the same quarter last year. However, because Wall Street is one of the great mysteries of this universe, these results have been met with a negative response from investors.

The report states that Apple has made $8.2 billion in profit on $36 billion in revenue. This is compared to Apple’s 2011 fourth quarter results, which included $6.62b profit on $28.27b in revenue. That’s quite a yearly jump, and it was driven by a 58% increase in iPhone sales. Interestingly enough, the iPhone 5 hardly factors in to this quarter at all, as it only went on sale in the final week of the quarter. While the iPhone 5 certainly helped to bump these numbers, the majority of devices sold across the world were iPhone 4S’s.

60% of this quarter’s revenue was made up in overseas sales. Also of note was the number of devices sold: 26.9 million iPhones, 14 million iPads, 4.9 million Macs, and 5.3 million iPods. All product lines, save the iPod, outperformed last year’s quarter four results. The iPod, however, has long been trending down, and this quarter was no different.

Wall Street’s reception of the news has been relatively negative, as Apple did miss what many analysts were predicting. This isn’t uncommon, as analysts aren’t necessarily known for being accurate, but instead for giving a trend-line which is normally very broad, so this fact likely shouldn’t be heavily considered. Apple’s stock did take a slight hit, though with new products due to ship within the next two weeks, they will undoubtedly recover.

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