Apple Events: The New ‘Late Friday Afternoons’

When there is an Apple event in town, it receives an enormous amount of media coverage. For a short few hours, everyone in the industry has their eyes on Apple. Troublesome social gaming firm Zynga took the latest Apple event this past Tuesday as an opportunity to announce that it is laying off over 100 employees, perhaps thinking that it would receive as little bad coverage as possible because of Apple’s headline iPad mini introduction. But if Zynga really was attempting to fly under the radar, that plan backfired.

A number of Apple pundits and media outlets have specifically called out the Zynga layoffs, with John Gruber from Daring Fireball referring to Apple events as the “new late Friday afternoons,” the metaphorical remote desert in which companies try to bury bad news.¬†Gruber shares a tweet posted by user Jason Kottke that reads, “Zynga laying off 100 people during Apple event reminds me of when the Colts released Peyton Manning during the new iPad announcement.” You simply can’t bury bad news in a society that is more connected now than ever before.

[Daring Fireball]

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