Microsoft Presenting Live in New York City Ahead of Windows 8 and Surface Launch Tomorrow

Microsoft is hosting a special media event in New York City as we speak to divulge more details about its Windows 8 operating system and Microsoft Surface tablet that are both set to launch tomorrow. According to Steven Sinofsky, head of Windows at Microsoft, the latest Windows 8 operating system is by far the best version of Windows to ever be released. Sinofsky adds that Windows 8 delivers better battery life, faster boot times and a smaller memory footprint, all while undergoing over 1.2 billion hours of pre-testing.

Sinofsky also reiterates that the Microsoft Surface uses a different Windows RT operating system, incapable of running regular Windows 7 desktop applications. Microsoft is touting the launch of its new Windows Store app ecosystem, however, promoting the easy installation process, security and other benefits of this new platform. There isn’t a wealth of new information that is being shared at this event, but we’ll have additional coverage of what unfolds later today. Will you be purchasing a new Windows 8 computer or Microsoft Surface tablet?

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