Apple to Compete with Microsoft’s Future Office Offerings by Partnering with VMWare, iCloud Integration

With rumors of Microsoft bringing their Office products to iOS early next year, it would make sense that Apple would be interested in ramping up their own productivity offerings. Currently, Apple offers versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for the iPad and iPhone. These products are widely regarded as the benchmark for mobile productivity applications. However, the rumors regarding Microsoft’s plans sound impressive, as the Redmond corporation plans to rely heavily on their Office 360 cloud architecture as the background for an app that could potentially be a mobile productivity powerhouse.

New rumors, from CRN, paint an interesting picture of how Apple plans to assault Microsoft’s dominance:

According to sources with knowledge of the project, the iPad app combines VMware View virtual-desktop software with cloud-hosted versions of Pages, Keynote and Numbers — known as the iWork suite — running on Apple infrastructure. VMware’s Horizon Application Manager, a management tool that has been likened to an enterprise app store, is also included, sources told CRN.

VMWare is the maker of fantastic software, such as VMWare Fusion, a virtualization client for OS X. It is rare to see Apple working closely with a company that they don’t own, though it isn’t unheard of. In fact, Apple has historically worked closely with Microsoft on various projects since the late ’90s. Apple also worked closely with Google and Yahoo when developing the iPhone and iOS, relying on these two internet juggernauts as the backend for many web services. Obviously, the ties between Apple and the former company have been severed – so it doesn’t always go well.

Regardless, what an excellent way of showing just how great competition is.


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